Impact Projects

Our Impact Projects focus on responding to the need of the local learning disabled and/or autistic community.

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We have a wide range of Impact Projects to choose from...

Peer Support Programme

The aim of our Peer Support Programme is to work with autistic adults and those with learning disabilities and their families and carers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire to enable a greater number of people to live more independent lives.

- Growing Independence is a meet up group for service users that meets every  month at different places in the community to talk, support each other and learn new life skills.

- Our Nurturing Independence group provides parents/carers with the information they need to start planning for the future, as well as emotional and practical support so that families can start to plan with confidence. We share the experience and advice of parents who have already made the journey to independence for their son/daughter and give people the time, space and opportunity to meet and talk with like minded parents and carers.


We run training for adults with learning disabilities and autistic adults on many subjects, including:

- Self-Advocacy to give people the skills, knowledge and tools to speak out for themselves.

- Independent Living Skills and Money Skills training sessions are designed to give participants the skills, knowledge and confidence to transition to independent living.

- Relationships and Sexual Health sessions provide participants with information to enable them to make safe and smart choices in their relationships.


Telling people their rights and helping them to speak out for themselves.

This is to enable those who lack confidence and communication skills to speak out to the people around them about their needs, wishes and feelings, and to live more independent lives.


Easy Read

We can change letters, forms and leaflets so that they are easy to read and understand.

Quality Checking

We quality check Health & Social Care services to ensure that their resources are accessible for adults with learning disabilities and autistic adults.



If you have any questions or want to sign up,

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